Friday, November 23, 2012

Time Flies...

Wow, time sure goes fast when your not paying close attention! It's been a while since I've posted anything. So, I'll just sum up our life lately by month:

Got my hair cut and colored.
Celebrated Jordyn's Birthday.
Went on hikes with the family.
Went to the Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City with Pam and John.


Went to the Dinosaur Museum. Multiple times.
Went to Lagoon with the kids, Kass and my mom.
Saw a dear friend in town for the week.
Went on more hikes.
Went to band camp.
Visited Dad's grave on anniversary of his death.
Had a birthday.
Went bowling.
Celebrated Maddox's birthday.
Kids started school. Bree 2nd grade, Jack 5th grade.
Saw Wicked.
Jack and Bree started playing soccer.
Went out for ice cream.
Went to Swiss Days in Midway with Adri & Jon.

Baby Penny was born (my dear friend Brandy's baby).
Myles started preschool.
Got hair cut and colored - again.
Went out to the West Desert with Millers to pick pine nuts.
Saw a dear friend (while in California).
Went to the beach.
Stared field competitions.
Baby Kayia was born (Chade & KJ's baby).

Celebrated Grandma Miller's Birthday.
Celebrated Grandma Rupp's Birthday.
Celebrated Grandpa Rupps 71st Birthday.
Jack finished Soccer for the season.
Halloween. (Bree and Myles were cowgirl/cowboy, Jack didn't dress up).
Went to Yellowstone for Fall Break.

Had our last band show & BOA show in St. George - took 1st in both shows.
Broke my iPhone - again.
Played in the leaves.
Baby Kayia was blessed.
Bree got her ears pierced.
Jack had court of honor.
Celebrated Bree's 8th birthday.
Had a great Thanksgiving.

Wow, that's a lot of catching up that is done! December to come soon... :)

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Ken & Kristina said...

I LOVE THIS POST!! Sooo many fun pictures and so much catching up! I miss you so much! I am an awful friend. Thanks for letting me catch a glimpse into what's been going on with you. I love your cute family!!